Tomasz Polak wins a brand new Kawasaki Z900RS

Tomasz Polak from Tring in Hertfordshire won a brand new Kawasaki Z900RS in Apex 66’s fifth main draw on Thursday 4th February 2021.

Tomasz was stunned to hear his name be called out on the live draw and had to ask his wife ” Have I just heard the winner being announced correctly? “.

When speaking with Dean live on air he said ” Have I really won the Z1000? ” this was a joke in reference to the outtakes that we had just played where Dan kept getting the bike confused with the stunning but slightly older Z1000.

Tomasz also added ‘” I never thought I would win but I have, you need to buy some tickets as this could be you, thanks Apex 66 “

Tomasz won with ticket number: 955

Watch Tomasz’ handover HERE ?

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