Win A⚡️Wera Joker 15 Piece Combination Spanner Set ⚡️

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⚡️Wera Joker 15 Piece Combination Spanner Set ⚡️

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Sunday 4th February 2024, from 20:00pm

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⚡️Win a Wera Joker 15 Piece Combination Spanner Set ⚡️


About this prize:

The Wera 6003 Combination Spanner Set brings precision-engineered ergonomic design to your toolbox with a set of spanners specifically created for working in confined applications.

  • Especially suitable for tight spaces
  • Increased placement options and low 15-degree return angle from the special jaw geometry.
  • Slim ring side angled by 15 degrees to reduce injury.
  • Compatible With the Wera 2go system.

The talented design engineers at Wera have literally put a spin on spanner geometry by rotating the double hexagonal profile by 7.5 degrees in the jaws, thus reducing the return angle to a tiny 15 degrees, meaning you get increased opportunities to accurately place the spanner when working in tight spaces. The use of a double hexagon profile ensures improved grip reducing slips, additionally, the ring side of the spanner has also been angled up by 15 degrees to give better access and reduce the possibility of hand injuries too.

The Wera 6003 Combination spanner also features a high-quality anti-corrosion finish to ensure longevity in use and the Take it easy tool finder, an exclusive colour coding system used across Wera’s range of ratchets, spanners, sockets and bits that helps quickly select the correct size and profile of a tool every time.

This set of Joker spanners comes in its own tool storage pouch to help protect and organise your joker spanners thanks to the hook and eye system can be attached to a workshop trolly, wall or shelves and is compatible with other tool storage solutions from the Wera 2go system so you can easily add to or grow your collection of Wera tools.

Kit Contents:
1x 5.5×105 mm
1x 6×105 mm
1x 7×110 mm
1x 8×115 mm
1x 9×120 mm
1x 10×125 mm
1x 11×135 mm
1x 12×148 mm
1x 13×160 mm
1x 14×167 mm
1x 15×174 mm
1x 16×182 mm
1x 17×190 mm
1x 18×210 mm
1x 19×230 mm


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