Win A£500 Main Dealer Service Voucher – Only 99 Tickets

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£500 Main Dealer Service Voucher – Only 99 Tickets

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Win A £500 Main Dealer Service Voucher – Only 99 Tickets

This prize will be drawn on 20th June 2022 at 8pm 

Win A £500 Main Dealer Service Voucher – Only 99 Tickets

Win A £500 Service voucher towards your next service at your main authorised dealership.

Let’s get you ready for summer riding..

This voucher can be used at any main authorised dealership across the UK Inc Northern Ireland.

Wether you are due that first service or you have simply been putting that service off this voucher will get you riding ready for the summer.

Why are motorcycle services important?

A full motorcycle service will ensure any mechanical or electrical problems are ironed out ahead of your MOT and of course before they affect the safe operation of your motorbike.

Regularly servicing your motorcycle will not only prolong its life; Your machine may also be more efficient and more pleasant to ride when all its components are in optimum condition.

What does a motorcycle service include?

What constitutes a full service when it comes to motorcycle servicing can vary a little from garage to garage, but in general a full motorcycle service should pinpoint and address any issues that may affect the safe operation of your machine.

The motorcycle full service checklist should incorporate:

Engine checks

  • Oil change – the grade used will depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • New oil filter
  • New air filter
  • New spark plugs
  • Test/replace/top-up coolant as required

Chassis & brake checks

  • Brake callipers removed and cleaned
  • Brake pistons degreased
  • Hydraulic Brake Fluid System inspected, topped up or replaced as required
  • Control cables, levers and pivots (throttle, clutch, brakes) cleaned and lubricated
  • Adjustment of throttle and clutch
  • Battery electrolyte level checked and topped up as required
  • Steering play and race bearing kit – examined for any looseness and adjusted as necessary
  • Front fork – inspected and checked for operation
  • Rear suspension – inspected and checked for operation
  • All fasteners – including engine mounting and chassis bolts – inspected and tightened as required
  • Wheel bearings – checked
  • Main and side stands checked and lubricated
  • Headlight checked for aim and focus – adjusted as required
  • Fuel hosed checked
  • Tyre pressures – checked and adjusted as necessary
  • Chain – adjusted and lubricated as necessary
  • General lubrication

Road test

With motorcycle servicing, a full service will include a road test to ensure the motorbike is running as expected.

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