Win A£500 Scratchcards – Various Selection

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£500 Scratchcards – Various Selection

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Live Draw:

Monday 12th February 2024, from 20:00pm

Ticket sales close during the Live Draw.

Win £500 Scratchcard Vouchers – Selection of Various


About this prize:

Tickets are just £1, strictly limited to 1199 Max, and drawn regardless of a sell-out.

The £500 vouchers will be sent directly to the winner and can be used to either spend online or in person in stores across the country.


📺 Don’t have time to watch the Live draw? Don’t worry!

You don’t need to watch our Facebook Live Draw to win. We contacted all the prize winners the next day.

We also publish the results as soon as the Live Draw ends, view recent results on our Results Page.


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