Win AAbba Superbike Stand & Moto Glide – Fits Over 350 Models

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Abba Superbike Stand & Moto Glide – Fits Over 350 Models

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Superbike Stand – Fits Over 350 Models

The abba Superbike stand, with the appropriate fitting kit, fits well over 350 different motorcycle models. Numerous “add ons” enable you to lift the front end, raise both wheels simultaneously, remove the swing-arm and even maneuver your bike around in confined spaces.

The abba Superbike Stand requires no modifications or parts to be fitted to your bike whatsoever, your machine stays totally standard. Should you change your motorcycle its a simple case of upgrading your fitting kit for your new machine, fittings can be changed on the stand in a matter of seconds.

Both wheels can be safely suspended off the ground at the same time when used with the abba front lift arm or even your own jack/prop. You can purchase the Superbike Stand & Front Lift Arm at a discounted package price here

Moto Glide

The abba Moto Glide is designed to be used in conjunction with the abba Superbike Stand to make maneuvering your bike around in tight spaces much easier. No more 6 point turns to get the bike out of the garage!

The Moto Glide is a simple to use product and is operated by lifting the Superbike Stand onto the glide base, once in position a simple locking bracket securely connects the Superbike Stand to the Moto Glide for total security. A simple screw down brake enables the operator to keep the Moto Glide safe in one position if required.

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