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Litelok Moto – Choice of Colours

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Win A Litelok Moto (Moto Single) One of the best anti theft locks on the market today. – Choice Of Colours

This prize was drawn on 9th September at 8pm

Congratulations to Will 9 R who won with ticket number 98

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LiteLok Moto (Single)


Due to the composite nature of the  Boaflexicore strap and virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock body, LiteLok Moto can withstand sustained attack by the most common theft tools such as bolt cutters, crowbars and hacksaws.


Weighing just 1.46 Kg!!

LiteLok ONE Moto locks are considerably lighter than any other Motorcycle Lock on the market.

This lock is also flexible, and portable, meaning you don’t have to carry heavy, cumbersome locks when riding.

It complements a disc lock and is much lighter than a chain! It’s the best motorbike lock for when you’re on the go. It is easy to store inside your topbox, or curled up inside a tank bag.


Weight 1.46kg 3.21lb
Length 107.5cm 42.3in
Locking Circumference 103.5cm 40.7in
Width 5cm 1.9in
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