Win AMuc Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit + Helmet Care Kit

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Muc Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit + Helmet Care Kit

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WIN A Muc Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit + Helmet Care Kit

Guaranteed draw Thursday 16th December at 8pm, Regardless of ticket sales.

WIN A Muc Off Ultimate Cleaning Kit + Helmet Care Kit


Kit contents:

  • 1x Bike Spray (500ml)
  • 1x Detailing Brush
  • 1x Two Prong Brush
  • 1x Large Microcell Sponge
  • 1x Heavy Duty Parts Washer/Storage Tool Box


The Muc-Off Helmet Care Kit contains all the essentials a rider needs to keep their helmet in top condition throughout the season: Foam Fresh, Visor Cleaner, Premium Anti-Fog Treatment and a Micro Fibre Cloth

Foam Fresh gently agitates dirt and grime away from the inside of your helmet, whilst our Visor Cleaner makes quick work of dirt, dust, grime, snow, sweat or just about any residue left on your goggles, helmet, or eyewear. All of this is made effortless with our Premium Microfiber Polishing Cloth, utilising the amazing split-fibre technology that vastly increases surface area absorbency.

Finally, our Anti-Fog Treatment means you won’t be left in a haze helping to give you clear vision even under the toughest riding conditions.


  • Looking after your helmet is now easy.
  • Kit contains everything to keep it clean and safe.
  • Suitable on all road and off-road Helmets.
  • Contains foam fresh, premium anti-fog treatment, Helmet, visor and Google cleaner and a microfiber polishing cloth.

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