Win ANinja Stay Sharp Stainless 6 piece Set – White

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Ninja Stay Sharp Stainless 6 piece Set – White

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Win A Ninja Stay Sharp Stainless 6 piece Set – White


About this prize:

Meet the Ninja StaySharp Stainless Knife System. Developed for budding cooks to experienced chefs and everyone in between, it offers professional quality, made for the home kitchen. Now in a chic white knife block, it will complement any kitchen. Its light and airy hue creates the illusion of space – perfect for smaller kitchens and worktops.

This 6-piece knife set has you covered for everyday kitchen tasks, including 5 essential kitchen knives and a pair of robust kitchen scissors. A dedicated knife block also helps you protect your knives and store them on your worktop.


Starts sharp, stays sharp.
StaySharp technology removes the mess and guesswork from sharpening. Place a clean, dry knife into the slot and lock it into place. Sharpening is as simple swiping the sharpening lever up and down a few times to restore its blade to razor sharpness.
Traditional methods like whetstones require patience, practice and skill and may damage knives if used incorrectly. Our engineers made the process simpler by positioning the ceramic wheels at optimum angles to restore each knife’s sharpness in seconds.

Durable Stainless Steel
These premium knives are forged from German stainless steel, a material known for its strength, durability and rust resistance.
Their strength lies in their full tang design. Each blade was created from a single piece of metal, with the tang extending to the tip of the handle to produce a stronger and more durable knife.

Precise Performance
Ninja StaySharp Stainless knives are crafted with a 22° cutting angle that ensures optimum sharpness and performance. Whether you’re chopping, slicing, julienning or dicing, the blades will glide through the toughest ingredients.

Comfortable Grip
Each knife features a symmetrical stainless steel handle that is well-balanced for left and right-hand use. The dimpled texture in the handle offers extra grip when handling slippery ingredients. The half bolster also ensures a comfortable pinch grip and extra protection.

Knives included in this knife block set:

20cm Chef Knife – This multi-purpose kitchen knife is a staple for cooks that need to quickly change tasks. Its versatility means it can handle just about everything, from meat and fish to herbs and fruit. Its curved blade is also suited to a use with a rocking motion, helping you finely chop and slice ingredients faster.

20cm Slicing Knife – A thin, long blade makes this knife ideal for precision cutting, from slicing the Sunday roast to julienning ginger for a stir fry. It’s also excellent for preparing vegetables and salads.

20cm Bread Knife – The long serrated blade glides through thick-cut bread and pillow-soft brioche with minimum effort, without squashing them. You can even use it to slice prepped sandwiches or cakes.

13cm Utility Knife – With its long, thin blade, this utility knife can get into the nooks and crannies a larger chef’s knife can’t. This makes it perfect for cutting and slicing cheese, vegetables and meat. You can even use it for more delicate tasks such as trimming fat or filleting.

9cm Paring Knife – The paring knife’s shorter, wider blade is ideal for peeling and carving fruits and vegetables. It’s also handy for chopping, dicing and slicing cheese and charcuterie.

Kitchen Scissors – From snipping herbs to spatchcocking chicken, these durable scissors can handle a variety of tasks. Their easy-to-clean design allows the blades to separate for deep cleaning after handling raw meat or fish. A handy herb stripper is also built into the handles. (Do not use the sharpener on scissors.)

Cook with confidence
These well-balanced steel knives ensure comfort when performing a variety of tasks. Their durable stainless steel, full-tang design is reassuringly heavy, and won’t bend or break unlike cheaper knives, giving you greater confidence in the kitchen. Suction cups underneath the block also keep it firmly in place when sharpening or removing knives. All Ninja StaySharp knives should be hand washed to maintain their sharpness and lustre.


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