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Win APure Air3 Pro Electric Folding Scooter or £400 Cash

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Pure Air3 Pro Electric Folding Scooter or £400 Cash

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 Monday 5th June 2023, from 20:00pm


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Win A PURE ELECTRIC Pure Air3 Pro Electric Folding Scooter Or £400 Cash

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About this prize:

This Pure Electric Air3 Pro’s powerful 500 W motor (710 W peak) gives you responsive acceleration, superior hill climbing and a top speed of 15.5 mph. The Pure Control Steering System lets you enjoy a smooth ride without any jittery, bone-rattling turns. It works by gently returning the handlebars to the centre after you’ve turned, so you’re always in control. And you’ll be well-protected against the British weather too – the IP65 rating means you can carry on scooting, come rain or shine.

Good to know

– Choose from 3 power modes depending on how you want to ride – Pedestrian, Normal and High
– You get just under 25 miles of riding on a single charge, and the Lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in 6 hours
– The handlebar indicators and advanced lighting means you’ll be seen from all angles, so you stay nice and safe
– The 10” tubeless tyres are puncture resistant and there’s no fiddly inner tubes to worry about
 Front drum and rear electric brakes will bring you to a smooth, steady stop even in heavy rain

Safer. More reliable. More powerful.
The next generation of e-scooters.

Better batteries, better range confidence

High-quality, high-capacity batteries give you a one-charge max range of up to 30km*, giving you total freedom to explore.
Our UK-compliant designs are more robust, with improved battery cells and a smarter battery management system. For even greater battery safety.
*Don’t forget – the max range you’ll have depends on your route, the temperature, and even how heavy you are. If you’re tackling hills, in cold weather or on poor surfaces, you’ll likely see a lower range than if you were riding on flat ground, on a warm day.

The Pure Control™ Steering System

Our unique steering stabilisation technology – No jittery turns – just smooth, controlled riding. Designed by our engineers, the unique new Pure Control™ steering system helps the handlebars gently return to centre after turning.

Advanced lighting, advanced safety

Be seen from all angles, with our bright handlebar indicators. The rear running light doubles as a brake light. And to illuminate the road ahead, the 60 Lux front light is 4x brighter than on our previous e-scooters.

Brake technology you can trust

Our e-scooters give you safe, reliable stopping power. Featuring the best combination of front drum and rear electric brakes for responsive and controlled stopping. Unlike disc brakes, drum brakes are sealed from the elements to save maintenance and servicing.

Our most puncture-resistant tyres yet

High-quality 10” air filled tyres give you a smooth, safe and comfortable ride.
They’re tubeless – like the ones in your car – for high puncture resistance and no fiddly inner tubes.

Rain won’t stop you

Designed in the UK, for UK weather.
Unlike others, Pure Air³ e-scooters are IP65 rated. So you can ride with confidence, no matter how heavy the downpour.

Reliable build, reliable ride

From the frame, to the tyres, to the batteries – we’ve redesigned every single component of our Pure Air³ e- scooters to deliver premium performance. Made with robust, high- quality materials to improve quality, reliability and rider experience.

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