Win ASena SF2 Bluetooth Headset – Dual Pack

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Sena SF2 Bluetooth Headset – Dual Pack

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Thursday 28th December 2023, from 20:00pm

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Win A Sena SF2 Bluetooth Headset – Dual Pack


About this prize:

The SF2 from Sena is a must have!

With an 800m range on the 2-way intercom that allows you to stay in touch with other riders on your adventures.

Along side the smartphone connectivity that allows you to stream music, take or make phone calls and hear your GPS directions, this headset is guaranteed to be a massive help.

Also including an Audio Overlay feature which lets you listen to your music whilst also using the intercom to make sure you always stay connected.

The Quick Charge capabilities of this headset mean that you can start your ride in no time whilst also having incredibly high quality audio.

If you want an intercom that will keep you connected on all of your rides, then get involved now!


The specifics from Sena:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 intercom system
  • HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profiles
  • Supports up to 2 riders simultaneously
  • Works up to 800 metres in open terrain
  • Advanced noise control and built-in SBC codec
  • Integrated FM radio on frequencies 76 to 108MHz
  • HD voice-enabled for added phone call quality
  • 13-hour talk time with a 1.5 hour charge time
  • Share your music to the other rider
  • Connects to Sena SF Utility and RideConnected apps
  • Lightweight reliable Lithium Polymer battery
  • Includes two sets of speakers, one thicker but more powerful
  • HD Speaker Driver Unit: 40 mm – thickness 11.6 mm
  • Speaker Driver Unit: 32 mm – thickness 10 mm
  • Main Module: 73.3 mm x 38.7 mm x 16.6 mm
  • Wired Boom Microphone: length 183 mm
  • Wire between Speakers: length 590 mm


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The very best of luck

Dan, Deano & Stu

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