Cardo Freecom 2+ Duo Bluetooth Intercom - Twin Pack



This prize will be drawn on Thursday 20th January 2022 at 8pm

Win A Cardo Freecom 2+ Duo Bluetooth Intercom – Twin Pack – Fully Waterproof


The Freecom 2+ Duo is Cardo’s mid-range Bluetooth comms system for two-way mid-range communication between riders, music-playing and listening to GPS instructions, and with the Duo pack, you get a pre-paired set of two intercom units for communication out the box!

Weighing in at just 34 grams and just 6.5mm thick, the Freecom 2+ has an aerodynamic design that feels natural in your helmet and is waterproof to keep you connected no matter the weather.

Cardo Freecom 2+ Duo Bluetooth Intercom – Twin Pack

  • Fully waterproof construction
  • Built-in FM radio with 6 pre-set stations
  • Compatible with Cardo Connect App
  • Rider to rider intercom range of 0.8km / 0.5 miles
  • Music and radio Bluetooth sharing
  • Automatic volume control for ease of use
  • Status announcements, such as battery warning
  • 600mAh battery with a talk-time of 13 hours
  • Takes roughly 4 hours to fully charge-up
  • Two audio channels for mobile and GPS
  • Universal Bluetooth 4.1 connection
  • Headset, hands-free and music profiles
  • Dimensions: 46mm x 79mm x 16mm
  • 40mm speakers with a depth of 8.2mm

This unit has universal connectivity with any Bluetooth system at a range of 0.3 miles (or 500 metres), and with the Duo pack you get a pre-paired set of two intercom units for communication out the box! Featuring a thin 40mm speaker and an advanced processor to emit immersive sound, you can stream any music and audio directly from your phone. You can answer calls, make them and control your mobile device all with a touch of a finger or the sound of your voice.

The system features a built-in FM radio with RDS to automatically select the strongest signal available wherever you are and is able to automatically adjust your sound volume based on the outside ambient noise. With two Cardo Freecom units, you can have 2-way communication between a rider and passenger, and you can also share audio between yourself and the passenger to enjoy listening to your favourite music or radio station while you ride.

Fully controllable on a single app, universal connectivity to any Bluetooth headset and the ability to charge while you ride – the innovative Freecom 2+ Duo is the complete package for riders who want short-range communication and audio directly from your phone.

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Additional information


Intercom communication between passenger and rider or rider to rider (500-meter distance)


2 Bluetooth channels to connect with phone/GPS devices


Customizable voice control technology (VOX)

Product Weight

Unit Weight: 34g

Talk Time

Up to 13 Hours




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