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FREE To Enter Competition – Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish – 500ml

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This prize will be drawn on 7th August 2023 at 8pm

FREE To Enter Competition – Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish – 500ml

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FREE To Enter Competition – Muc-Off Miracle Shine Polish – 500ml

Polish with Carnauba wax and fluoro polymer technology

  • Oxford Titan 10mm Disc Lock with carry pouch

    • Muc-Off Miracle Shine is the ultimate high quality polish and protectant. It’s been specifically engineered to provide a deep luxurious shine that will endure the elements and keep your motorcycle looking like it’s just rolled off the showroom floor! Muc-Off’s unique formula contains a fusion of 3 separate waxes and a number of highly advanced ingredients that combine to produce a superior protective treatment.The really clever part of Miracle Shine is our Fluoro Polymer Technology which they have incorporated for its amazing ability to repel water and atmospheric pollutants. It will also be easier to wash your bike, and Miracle Shine will even help it stay cleaner between washes. Each time you apply Miracle Shine a Fluoro Polymer layer knits together to form a microscopic, ultra tough protective barrier that can extend the lifetime of the finish by preventing the build up of dirt and grime.
  • Specifically engineered for a deep shine
  • Contains 3 separate waxes including Carnauba wax
  • Fluoro polymer technology
  • Repels water & atmospheric pollutants
  • Layers knit together to form a protective layer
  • Extends the life of the finish

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