Win ARovan Q-Baja 29cc Petrol Remote Control Car – or £400 in your bank 💷

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Rovan Q-Baja 29cc Petrol Remote Control Car – or £400 in your bank 💷

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Live Draw:

 Thursday 8th June 2023, from 20:00pm


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Win a Rovan Q-Baja 29cc Petrol Remote Control Car

OR £400 in your bank!

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Included Items

  • Car
  • Radio Gear 2.4 GHZ Transmitter & Receiver with Built in Failsafe
  • Basic Tools
  • Battery 2000 MAH
  • Charger
  • Owner’s Manual/Schematics
  • Mixing Fuel bottle, With Intergrated Filler Funnel
  • Double Boxed to avoid damage in transit or storage


About this prize:

Rovan Shorty Q-Baja

Brand new to the Largescale market, A ready to run shorty baja, you no longer have to spend hours cutting up various different parts to get yourself a shorter chassis buggy.


These Shorter chassis baja’s are super fun wheely machines.

High quality Nylon parts, and a Red painted body shell mean this car looks Awesome.

  • Rovan 29cc Engine
  • Tuned Pipe
  • Shortened Chassis
  • Rear Mounted Fuel Tank
  • Symetrical Steering
  • Rovan Wheelie Bar
  • New Designed Nylon Arms
  • CNC 6mm Suspension Shocks
  • Alloy Differential
  • 9MM Rear Drive Shafts
  • 5 Spoke Wheels & All Terrain Tyres
  • FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System

Rovan 29cc Engine

Instead of smaller 26cc engine seen in a lot of the Largescale RC Cars there’s a Larger 29cc engine!

Tuned Pipe

A great high performance pipe, These are the most popular choice of pipe and will help you get the most out of the engine, They have a Longer manifold section to give better Torque & Top end whilst including a Finned Heat Sink to aid in exhaust temps. A massive improvement over a stock type muffler.

Shortened Chassis

This buggy’s chassis has been shortened by 106mm meaning the final wheelbase is approximately 475mm

Rear Mounted Fuel Tank

Usually when you made a Shorty you’d have to use a small nitro fueltank. Rovan’s Q-Baja eliminates this problem by utilising a rear mounted fuel tank with a capacity of approximately 450ml designed specifically for a Shorty.

Symetrical Steering

One of the most popular upgrades for the Baja’s is adding a Sym Steer to the car. The Q Baja comes with a Sym Steer as standard giving you a huge improvement from the minute you get your car.

Rovan Wheelie Bar

Probably one of the most stand out features of the Q-Baja is it’s ability to pull wheelies, made possible using Rovan’s high quality Wheelie bar.

New Design Nylon Arms

Rovan’s beefier new design nylon arms they’re stronger than their older counterparts, The New Design makes them stand out made using high quality nylon which means they will be able to take lot More abuse before they fail.

CNC 6mm Suspension Shocks:

These Shocks Come with

  • CNC Alloy Caps
  • CNC Alloy Bottoms
  • CNC Alloy Spring Seats
  • 6mm shock shafts

with strong rubber gaiters.

They are Oil-filled, Ultra durable, Adjustable dampening and Threaded bodies so allow for adjustable ride height. Heavy duty shafts and coils mean these are really built to last.

5 Spoke Wheels & All Terrain Tyres

Rovan’s 5 spoke wheels come with All terrain tyre’s fitted a great set of all round tyres perfect for grass, loose surfaces and tarmac the versatility of this tyre makes it a great tyre to start with.


  • 5 spoke design ensures high strength and light weight whilst looking awesome
  • Thicker beadlocks have been used to reduce warping and improve tyre clamping
  • Super strong 12.9 grade beadlock screws

CNC Alloy Rear Shock Brace

They come fitted with a CNC Rear Alloy Brace which will help stabilize you suspension and also add to the Great looks of the Buggy

9MM Rear Drive Shafts

They come with a pair of Super Strong 9mm thick steel driveshafts which also benefit from having replaceable drive pins, Should you ever need to replace them.

Alloy Diff

The Buggy Comes with upgraded alloy diff which takes 10mm cups rather than the smaller 8mm that are used on weaker plastic models because of this the diff will last longer and perform better than its plastic counterpart. It is also tuneable to any situation using different diff oils, Which are all available from us.

FSGT3B 2.4 GHz Radio System

All our cars come with 2.4 GHz radio systems, this is a major improvement over the old style transmitters which were prone to interface and range issues. 3 Channels and tons of tweaking options make this one of the most popular transmitters available. All these great features add up to make a great buggy, perfect for the beginners and experts alike.

The very best of luck

Apex 66.

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