Win AThe Defender Garage Door Ground Anchor – Roller Door or Up & Over options

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The Defender Garage Door Ground Anchor – Roller Door or Up & Over options

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Live Draw:

Monday 12th June 2023, from 20:00pm


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Win The Defender Garage Ground Anchor – Roller Door or Up & Over options

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What you win:

The Defender Garage Ground Anchor – Either:

  • Roller Garage Door
  • Up and Over Garage Door


About this prize:

The Defenders are made from robust and sturdy materials and have been tested time and time again to create a virtually attack-proof defence system that secures your garage and ensures no one can get inside.

Secure your garage defender to your garage door and lock it with the unique bullet lock system, which prevents the Defender from being moved.

The garage Defender comes in two variations: up-and-over garage doors and roller-shutter doors. The mighty Defender can protect your garage from break-ins, protecting the contents of your garage from even the most prepared criminal.

The Defender works by sitting on the outside of your garage, securing your door with the specialist bullet lock and preventing even the most determined criminals from getting inside.

The Defender features an impressive top plate that covers the bullet lock, preventing attack by drill, as well as expert manufacturing to protect the Defender against grinder attacks. The impressive Garage Defender is fully powder coated both internally and externally, in addition to boasting a floor base plate, which helps to protect against the elements and ensure your Defender always looks powerful. The Defender has been designed and manufactured here in the UK and comes with a 10-year guarantee, so you know you’re buying a worthwhile product.

Garage security is absolutely imperative when it comes to protecting your motorbike or other vehicles at home. Secure your belongings the right way with the powerful garage Defender. They say the best form of attack is defence – trust in the garage Defender.

Like the roller shutter version, your up-and-over garage Defender slides and locks into position using two bayonet-style fittings on the underside of the Defender. The sturdy bullet lock prevents your Defender from being removed and sits strong and reliable on the outside of your garage for maximum security.

Even the most determined criminals will not be able to best the garage Defender. It has been rigorously tested and designed with attack and defence in mind. Your garage Defender is grinder and drill resistant, meaning even if the scumbag attempts to break it, the grinder will withstand the attack and the noisy tools will alert you, giving you time to react.

Your up-and-over Garage Defender can be locked and unlocked in a matter of seconds using the specialist key, making it the perfect piece of equipment to secure your garage and protect your motorbike or car from being stolen.

Your Defender provides the most effective protection from break-ins, giving you complete peace of mind, whether you’re at home, at work, or out of the country. They say the best form of attack is defence – trust in the garage Defender.


  • 10 year guarantee
  • UK design and manufacture
  • Zinc under cover with a powder coated finish
  • Quick self installation or choose for one of our team to install it for you
  • Simple and easy to use – locked in seconds
  • Grinder and drill attack resistant


Garage Defender, Garage Defender floor plate, Roller shutter door mount, Lock, Fixings and Instructions

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